Be right back.

We all remember what we were doing on the day that I announced to the world that I was starting the world’s first Bon Jovi Unfan Club. Such a happy time in the lives of many and many say it’s the happiest day of their lives but what if there’s more out there? What if there was something else out there that comes a close second to that most monumental of days? What if you realized something so awesome that it defied logic to massive degrees? Would you question what you were told or go and do something about it?


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8 thoughts on “Be right back.”

  1. And yet…There are turtle crossing signs in Snow Canyon state park in Utah and we were given an embossed leaflet telling us to stop and carry any turtles on the road to the other side. So, they seem to need a little help occasionally!

  2. Bill, you should leave your brain to science. I’m sure they will all be eager to know just what made it work.

    Let’s hope that is a long time in the future, though. In the meantime, we all have your great, quirky posts to look forward to!

    1. Thanks for that Kathy. Science gave us magnets but conveniently forget to tell us how they work so maybe it does deserve my sorry, sad state of a brain as payback! That would make us even!

  3. I read this and realize how many people have yet to utilize the other 99% of their brain. And I ‘m being generous suggesting that they are in fact using the remaining 1%. 🙂

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