Bigfoot Hoax in Pennsylvania

o-BIGFOOT-STUMP-570Bigfoot experts said they had photo evidence of a Bigfoot creature lurking in the woods of Pennsylvania. As it turns out, another person familiar with the exact spot in those Pennsylvania woods, sent his own much clearer photo to experts showing that the image is nothing more than an uprooted tree stump and not the elusive hairy beast.  Upon further examination by the skeleton crew still working at the FBI crime lab, it was determined that the image in the woods is  neither Bigfoot nor an uprooted tree but  the image of John Boehner,  who wandered in the woods to escape the voices of the American people. In the past, Boehner has been confused with a tree stump because of his arrogant demeanor and limited brain power. Official word from the Bigfoot camp is that  they are insulted and not at all amused.





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7 thoughts on “Bigfoot Hoax in Pennsylvania”

  1. Now I don’t know who this John Boehner dude is but he does look a lot like Bigfoot!

  2. Which leads me to ask, “If Boehner takes a crap in the woods with no one to witness it . . . is he still full of shit?”

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