Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is real. I have seen her.

It all happened one morning during an electrical blackout. I woke up from a terrible dream, during which I had been standing in a dark room in front of a large mirror, screaming “Bloody Mary” over and over. It took me several minutes to wake up out of that terrifying scene and realize that I was in my own bed. I got out of bed, not knowing what time it was. Both the alarm clock and the cable box had gone out, along with everything else. I reached into the bedside table and pulled out a small flashlight.

Using the flashlight, I felt my way to the bathroom, trying to avoid the cat, who looked like a menacing black blob weaving back and forth on the floor in front of me, leading me to … I didn’t know what.

I opened the bathroom door, and there she was, in the mirror above the sink! Bloody Mary! She was horrible! She was old and haggard, with scraggly hair and insane-looking eyes that were staring right at me!

I screamed and screamed.

Ye gods, I hate how I look in the morning!

Scary Horror Movie Woman

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    1. Of course, it’s the light. We all know that bathroom lights never show you as you really look.

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