Cathy’s Carnival Knowledge

Hey Gang!  Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer is wishing  you a Happy Big-Boned Tuesday. I don’t like using the  term Fat.  It assumes that  Tuesday is less conscious of its appearance than the other weekdays.  Maybe Tuesdays  just have a slow metabolism or a thyroid condition?  I have never really trusted Fridays and its fast and loose ways.  I also find myself looking forward to a productive Monday and felt that The Bangles mislabeled it as manic.  Ash Wednesday is tomorrow and  kicks off the festive laundry season, Lint.

This lesser known holiday gets its origins come from a French Man named Martin Graw. His friends called him Marty.  He loved to wear shiny beaded necklaces.  Sadly, he was never properly weened from his mother’s bosom, so he went through life offering his jewelry to females who would publicly exposed themselves.

One day, after washing his clothes, Marty decided to give up his favorite vices for 40 days and nights in honor of Noah and his ark.  He gathered  2 of each balloon animals and paraded them down the street.  That is why we have the festivals, parties and celebrations this time each year.

This  and more information can be found in my 72-Point Gainer Guide and educational tutorials.

Until next time, Gang!

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2 thoughts on “Cathy’s Carnival Knowledge”

  1. Show me a straight man who was ” properly weened from his mother’s bosom”! Mammophilia is not something you normally outgrow! Marty had the right idea.

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