CCTV — Best Channel Ever

At first I wasn’t a fan of CCTV cameras. I cheered when that guy in London dressed up in a monkey suit and walked back in forth in front of a camera on a public street at 2 am. The police eventually arrived to deal with the “threat”, at which point the potential criminal identified himself as “Oog-Oog-Oog.”

But I’m now taking a liking to theses cameras. Here in Seattle one recently foiled a minor crime. A police officer was recently caught in the darkened area behind a business establishment, taking a leak against a wall. The look on his face when he notices the camera is precious:


But c’mon, I mean, who hasn’t been here. You’re marching home at midnight, racing against both time and nature, and you say “Nope, not gonna make it.” So you adapt. In fact, I think I recognize that dumpster.

I really hope this guy keeps his job, because in my mind this is the epitome of Community Policing. This is truly interacting at the street level. But if some humorless quacks in the administration do fire him, a spot just opened in Tucson, thanks to another CCTV camera:


Yup, this is a drunk, off-duty cop. You gotta love the bullet-proof vest with no shirt underneath. Totally sexy. It’s like a cross between Dirty Dancing and LA Confidential.

I’m glad I live where I do. And I’m totally fine with these cameras now.

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4 thoughts on “CCTV — Best Channel Ever”

  1. Wow, it’s a bitch when the cameras spy everything. However, the drunk cop gets what he deserves and I hope it’s fired. He lost me with the bulletproof vest. I don’t think they are for recreational holdups – right? Gross misuse of equipment!

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