Close–But Still No Cigar

It started with the Cialis drug ads and those two separate bathtubs that made me think the reason why the couple couldn’t have sex was not erectile dysfunction but geography. I don’t care how much Cialis one guy takes, that ever important body part will not be able to scale a bathtub wall and work itself into an adjacent tub.


Then I saw this image  and I thought, okay we are getting closer but still no cigar. This two-person tub is surely relaxing, but once again, the bubbles in her tub are not going to fizz with delight.


So, I found a solution for people who can’t seem to make it work when water is involved:

two shower

You’re welcome!

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8 thoughts on “Close–But Still No Cigar”

  1. As long as we have people like you Don Don’s, this world will not go wrong. I look forward to testing this out!

    1. Let’s just say it’s not spontaneous sex. First, you need a permit to place the tubs, a crane, a few construction workers to operate the crane and mosquito repellent. A lot goes into two-bathtub sex.

  2. Isn’t the idea of wild hot tub sex to be in the same tub together? Otherwise, you might as well be wearing a chastity belt.

    1. I think it’s a lot of work Kathy. I think the movies make it look really easy. And from two separate tubs, it’s nearly impossible and in the woods with mosquitoes, I can’t imagine it would be fun.

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