Creative Combinations

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Sometimes it just makes sense to me to combine some of the most obvious things. Whoever came up with peanut butter and chocolate, for instance, was a genius. (Reese’s?) And then we have peanut butter and jelly.

Peanut butter likes to spread himself around, doesn’t he? Or is he a she – difficult to tell when you speak a language that doesn’t assign gender to foods)?

Here’s what I think happened. Peanut butter cheated on jelly! Yeah, he probably walked up to chocolate and shared a romantic little ditty: “We go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong (from the movie, Grease).” And before you could blink, they gave birth to the peanut butter and chocolate cup.


Some people think combinations are a result of accidents.  I think they’re just creative endeavors made by creative individuals. Because creativity is one of my favorite words, I started to wonder about combining things other than food. And the more I thought about combining things, I started thinking of other things like pole dancing (the idea came to me while I was reading one of Donna Cavanagh’s books) – and I thought, wouldn’t it make sense to teach pole dancing in a fire station, a barber shop, or someplace further north?


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4 thoughts on “Creative Combinations”

    1. Mike, YOU’RE RIGHT! How did I not see that? Chocolate! The little temptress!

    1. Well, Donna, I love your writing, so yes, I also love to be inspired by you!

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