Creative Sick Time

For the last three days I have been stuck at home, throwing off a stubborn virus that made its second appearance in two weeks in my body. If you are like me, even if you are sick, you get bored at home after a couple of days. To keep yourself entertained, try the following activities:

1. Toss toilet paper wads at the cat until she gets mad.
2. Watch the ID Channel on TV and keep a running tally of how many times the murdering husband is a philandering doctor.
3. Watch the dust bunnies multiply on the floor, wonder if they are having sex with each other and, if so, if they love each other or are just having one-night stands.
4. Count the drips coming out of the bathroom sink faucet.
5. Take your temperature, write down the number and use it the next time you play the Daily Number.

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7 thoughts on “Creative Sick Time”

  1. Thanks. I feel much better now, and am back at work. The miserable heat waves we have been having (two in a row) made my sickness worse.

  2. I love throwing toilet paper at cats. I don’t have a cat so it sometimes gets a bit strange.

    1. I’ve heard of imaginary friends, but imaginary cats? That IS strange.

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