Discounting Justin Bieber

wrappingpaperThere’s no formula to predict how long a celebrity’s star will shine, but I’m certain there are subtle clues that just might forecast the future. Browsing Target’s post-Christmas sale in mid-January (which is much more telling than the merchandise being scooped up on 12/26), I spotted an arsenal of leftover Bieber holiday paper in both the red and green Christmas option and the blue and white snowflake “could-pass-for-Hanukkah-in-a-pinch” alternative.

Did retailers overestimate the popularity of the pop star or fail to realize that his audience doesn’t buy as much wrapping paper as their parents? My guess is that parents who’ve witnessed the rip and tear of Christmas morning aren’t quick to buy trendy paper at an upcharge. Let’s hope The Bieb’s career isn’t being discounted though, I bought two rolls of gift wrap paper for next year.

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3 thoughts on “Discounting Justin Bieber”

  1. If I had any of that money that nobody has, I would but all the Jason Bieber holiday paper, both red and green options that I could find. In years to come, this stuff is bound to be worth more than the paper it’s printed on!

  2. I wouldn’t worry. You can always use it to wrap a “Secret Santa” gift next December. They’re supposed to be cheap, anyway, so nobody will fault you for using year-old discounted gift wrap.

    If that isn’t an option, you can always use it to line shelves and drawers.

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