Divine Proof

Archeologists scour the deserts of the Middle East for years, looking for proof of God. Some people go through the Bible, line by painstaking line, looking for things that are happening today that were foretold 2013 years ago, thus proving that God is real. Others see a face-like blob of paint in a rundown apartment in Houston that appears to be crying and become convinced that it’s all true.

As a lazy person, I prefer to just nibble on donuts and wait for something that can only be categorized as undisputable proof that God exists.

Yesterday I saw it:


Okay atheists, here’s today’s challenge. Tell me how this picture is possible without the intervention of some higher force and I’ll admit that you’re right. At least four things have to come together perfectly for this to happen. One photographer and two subjects need to interact seamlessly while one pair of criminally-too-tight shorts needs to crease in the exact right spot.

I think the Shroud Of Turin didn’t work, so stronger measures became necessary.

Yes, I know the risk of even saying this. Insights like this are how you end up as a religious leader whose followers try to poison a buffet in some small Oregon town. I don’t care. I’m going with the existence of God, and honoring the fact that’s he’s funnier than Hell.

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