Do the Kardashians Have a Kennedy Curse?

The celebrity news media is abuzz with a story about a Kardashian curse. I’m not a believer in curses  unless it’s the Kennedy curse. Say what you will, but if my last name were Kennedy and I wasn’t related to the famous clan, I would send out some kind of cosmic footnote with proof that there is no common DNA.  And if I were related to them, I would be keeping an authentic voodoo curse remover on the payroll before I take a trip, attend a family function, ski down a hill, hire a babysitter…well, you get the point.

The Kardashians haven’t really been around that long for me to judge the validity of their so-called curse. A sex tape, a few broken relationships and big derrieres have not proven to undo this family. In fact, if you weigh all the positives against all the negatives associated with the Kardashians, they come out smelling like roses…unless of course, you are an ex-Kardashian named Kris Humphries whose body aroma and moistened muscles resulted in a negative review from the public this week.

After playing in a game for his team the Brooklyn Nets, Humphries was touched by a female Thunders fan who wanted to “feel” the player as he made his way to the locker room (Perhaps she wondered what Kim was missing). The fan, somehow not aware that grown men sweat after playing four quarters of basketball, shrieked in disgust at the handful of perspiration that came with the free grab. Instead of playing it cool, she proceeded to wipe the excess body moisture onto her companion’s shirt while jumping and down and making an “icky” face.  Of course, because this entire scene had to do with an ex-Kardashian, it was caught on video ( I would post the video but each time I put up a link, someone takes it down on You Tube).   It seems that Humphries might have lost a fan, but more important — that sweat-contaminated  fan is left to wonder if the Kardashian curse can spread through bodily fluids.  Well, if she wakes up tomorrow pregnant with Kanye West’s baby, we will know it’s true.




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4 thoughts on “Do the Kardashians Have a Kennedy Curse?”

  1. I never really hear about this type of news and funny enough, I never lose sleep over it. Hang on, I’m hearing about it now and can’t seem to sleep!

  2. Mary has the same reaction when she accidentally bumps into me at the fitness center! I carry a bottle of spray sweat in case I am unable to make enough of my own! 🙂

  3. Somehow, I fail to get excited over a Kardashian curse.

    I think I’ll have my DNA tested to see where my roots are, just in case I might have had an Armenian ancestor who got lost in the family tree and his name was …

    No. It isn’t worth it.

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