I’m afraid I don’t have any of the usual nonsense today for today is not a fun or funny day. In a moment, I have to go and get a 5lb rib roast in a plain brown bag but allow me to take you through a sequence of events. A short time ago, I walked into the house and nobody was in. This in itself is highly unusual as there’s usually somebody in. I called Jill Y’s mobile but there was no answer. I called Sugartastic Daddy John, Scurvy Jane and Thirsty Dave and they didn’t answer either. I got the distinct impression that nobody was answering their phone and alarm bells started sounding. I turned the alarm bells off and that’s when I came across the note from the dog and now I have to head to the shops:


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7 thoughts on “Dognote”

    1. That is massively true. The last four times I was catnapped I ended up playing with balls of wool for weeks. Nobody understands the stigma a supposed grown man goes through, buying dozens of balls of wool. There’s nothing funny about it at all, at all. Oh the nightmare memories, where’s the bar?

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