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WARNING FOR ALL WOMEN: Male Sex Education Follows 


For anyone who sits in front of a computer screen daily and opens their browser page they will inevitably be hit with an ad that appeals to a male’s testosterone levels.  Lord knows most men are compelled to feel they can still effect an erection “naturally” without the aid of a drug like Viagra and Cialis.  So when an ad very similar to the one here appears on your screen, what hot-blooded man is not going to see what’s behind such “weirdness”.

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It turns out however that “natural” will have little to do with what’s promised you.    Once you’ve clicked on the link that says Learn More, you quickly realize that the only thing you will “learn” is that you have once again become the victim of the oldest con since the snake convinced Eve of what great things lay in store for her upon eating that forbidden fruit.

If you were thinking that clicking on the link would reveal even greater “weirdness” than some voluptuous, nubile, scantily-clad woman running through golden fields of wheat softly caressing her thighs, you will soon deflate to the reality that you have been pimped and not in a good way.

I hope every man has a long and vigorous sex life.   After a while though the effort seems hardly worth it and you can achieve the same effect going solo.  This obviously applies equally to women who many have already learned to achieve this even during sex with their male partners.  But I’m not here to tear down my gender.

I am here to advise them that what many expensive products claim they will do for your love life can just as easily be obtained by staying healthy on your own through exercise and a proper diet and perhaps an occasional porn video during certain lulls.  If erectile dysfunction is not forthcoming with this then a red flag should be going up.  Failure to “get it up” is the canary in the coal mine, warning you that excesses in certain foods, alcoholic drinks and lifestyle are fixing to lay a big heart disease whoop ass on you.  If you think an unresponsive Johnson is depressing laying in bed with your woman, wait until some 300 pound para-medic is giving you chest compressions in an attempt to revive you from a heart attack.

So rather than sitting in front of a computer screen everyday as you eat your cheese doodles and drink a large Coke thinking your solution for an energetic sex life lies behind the Learn More link of an ad with an appealing woman, toss the junk food, exercise frequently and quit fantasizing that anything hot like this really wants you crawling under the sheets with her.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Click That Link”

  1. In your reference to the 300lb paramedic, you have made a case for diet and exercise that is far, far better than any doctor or dietician could ever pull off. Hilarious.

    1. Don’t click on the picture. Click on the words “Learn More” in the paragraph under the picture. The picture is a snap shot I took off of my computer screen.

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