Don’t ever degrade my girlfriend like that again.

I know an English teacher who reads what I write. She tells me that she doesn’t like the way I refer to myself in the third person. I told her that Bill Y doesn’t like the way she wears cardigans because, you know, revenge. I wouldn’t be one who doesn’t over exaggerate things to such an extent that the entire heavens open up and embraces me in endless possibilities of pointless precision. Johnnyis was made aware that someone called his girlfriend hot and he had quite a few words to say about it:


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8 thoughts on “Don’t ever degrade my girlfriend like that again.”

  1. I just hope, for Johnny’s sake, that his girlfriend doesn’t believe in spreading all that awesomeness too thin.

  2. I bet his girlfriend was standing beside him when he wrote it. Because if she wasn’t I’m sure he would had just written, “YEAH dude HOT!” 😉

    1. I couldn’t agree with you less.
      What was that Jill Y?
      Yes, he obviously loves her very much.
      See you later.
      Don’t let Thirsty Dave drink anything with motor oil in it.

      Sorry Deb, were where we?
      Oh yeah, I couldn’t agree with you more.
      His girlfriend was definitely looking over his shoulder!

    1. Every now and when you least expect it, Bill Y reveals something in those tags that nobody knows!!!!!!

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