When I joined the social media game a little more than a year ago, I naively went to my local godaddy store to purchase the website name requiring the least amount of thinking on anybody’s part — mainly mine.   But I was soon to face the cold, hard reality that the mother of all Bruce Ferber website names had  already been taken.  Sadly, gets you nowhere near my first novel, my amusing little blog, or that awesome photo of me in Venice.  Instead, it guides the hapless internet surfer to an insurance office in Malverne, NY, where a bald man with a mustache will try to sell you term life and an umbrella poiicy.

I, the author, have been reduced to a lowly…

I’ve got to tell you, it didn’t sit so well at first — not only did I feel like there was something wrong with me, godaddy actually got me to pay them money to be on the waiting list for, should something untimely happen to the New York insurance office.   But little by little, I began to embrace my new identity.  Who was to say that a was any better than a  Slowly, I began to hear about other dot.nets, and while we never became a formal support group, it was pretty much understood that we had each others’ backs.  Just the other day, I sent my favorite Spotify playlist to just to cheer him up.  Dude knows it’ll be a cold day in hell before he gets his hands on that  And then he was nice enough to remind me that we dot.nets are becoming more and more accepted by mainstream society.  Ah, how we rejoiced the day the Pope said it wasn’t for him to judge whether a was superior to a!

And now, what we all agree on, is how glad we are not to be a part of this new bunch of stragglers, unleashed by the government’s recent approval of the suffix…  What kind of a lame suffix is that?  It’s apparently so lame that it has brought dot.coms and dot.nets together, co-mingling in bars that formerly only catered to either one or the other.  As for me, I must admit that I’ve taken no small pleasure knowing that in some far corner of the world, there’s a who’d sell his own mother to be


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