Driving in L.A.


Driving in L.A. is different than in other places. Yes, there’s the traffic and freeways but there’s also the vanity plates. They let drivers announce to their fellow commuters what they do in the entertainment industry. In L.A., there is nothing more vital than letting perfect strangers know how important you think you are.

Today as I was making my way to the freeway, the vehicle in front of me had a license plate that said: TV REP. I found myself faced with a dilemma. As a writer who needs representation, do I follow them and see if they are taking on new clients and pitch them my animated sitcom or be late for work? They put their left turn signal on and I needed to go straight so it was crunch time. A decision had to be made.

After a frenzied few seconds of mental debate, I decided to get on the freeway and head to work. Yes, you can chase your dreams of Hollywood glory but you still have to pay the rent. Besides, tomorrow is another day to chase the white whale.

Or, in this case, tan SUV.


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