Eleven, party and hyperthyroidism are words.

There are lots of words out there such as eleven, party and hyperthyroidism to name but a few. We tend to use words when we speak or write and as fascinating as that story is, we need to talk about something much more important today. What happens when you look really hard but can’t find the words? You might be telling someone about the disgusting sandwich you had today and before you know it, you could easily describe it as “not nice”. While there is technically nothing wrong with this, it might be better to say that the sandwich tasted like “force-fed battery acid without any sugar”. Now that you’re a professional wordsmith, there is but one more thing to remember and that is the use of swear words. Listen now to Stephen Fry and heed his words:


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5 thoughts on “Eleven, party and hyperthyroidism are words.”

  1. Maybe battery acid tastes better without sugar. Or should I say without all that fucking sugar?

    1. Now Don Don’s, you don’t need to hear his from me but F is a letter and not a word!

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