Excuse me while I think of an excuse

I’ll talk to anyone, even when they don’t want to talk to me which is always. The upside to this is that you meet some really interesting people. The downside to the upside is that you invariably end up listening to someone who insists on telling you about their great humanitarian work in the Apple Store but ask them if they have ever had a mustache, even once and their flaws fall to the floor before your very own watery eyes. At this stage, you just want to get as far away from them as possible. That’s when you say “Hang on, you’re Andre The Giant, aren’t you?” Then you take the  following picture out of your pocket and insist that Andre signs it. You tell him that you’re going to get a pen and strategically forget to come back:


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3 thoughts on “Excuse me while I think of an excuse”

    1. Ah I’ve given up trying to figure the Y brain out, Don Don’s. It does what it wants, when it wants and sometimes I’m around to watch it!

    2. Brain stuffing! That could be the latest way to keep your brain working into old age.

      Forget Alzheimer’s or Senile Dementia! Bill Y is going to stuff his brain with so much true and false information that the brain will be forever trying to sort it out and will never get a chance to go soft!

      Again, Bill is a genius.

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