Face On

Jill Y is perfect. I tell her this all the time because it’s true. She never leaves the toilet seat up, never leaves the bar while it’s open and always does the thing with the nurse uniform that I like so much. Lately she’s been talking about how gorgeous Angelina Jolie is and that she would love to look like her. When I was younger, I used to think that relationships were all about getting your sandwich made for you and now that I’m older, I know this to be true but sandwiches need to be made by both partners in a relationship. That’s why I showed her this little piece of genius. Don’t ever tell Bill Y that he isn’t romantic:


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4 thoughts on “Face On”

  1. Please don’t show this to too many people. The scary corpse mask look just might catch on, and we wouldn’t want that to happen, would we?

    1. I hear you loud and clear but one man’s scary look is another’s eh, non-scarly look or something that might make some sense!

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