Fluker Questions Frazzels Saban

Nick Saban wanted reporters to ask about Johnny Manziel. Instead they kept bringing up a former lineman, D.J. Fluker, who was said to have accepted agent payments while at Alabama.

Saban cut short the press conference, bolted from the podium, giving everyone the impression Saban had little to no sense of humor.

I’m here to shortcut that notion. Saban is quite the jovial guy, one of the funniest coaches in the S.E.C.  Some of you may not believe me, some of you think he’s a single-minded, hard-driving sourpuss without a sense of fun. I say you don’t know the real Nick Saban. You don’t know the guy who helped raise charity money by being a grand master at a “Pimps and Hoes” ball.

Seriously, and here’s the story when it happened in 2010:

              Saban’s Pimp And Ho Presser a Hoot

    “Yes, we will raise more money for the Dixieland Preservation Society than any other year in their history,” Nick Saban says, after being named this year’s Grand Master in Mobile’s Pimps and Hoes Ball.

The press conference is a crowded affair. Reporters are jostling. Some see it as a good PR  move for Saban, who earlier ruffled some feathers by equating some NFL agents as pimps. He agreed to be Grand Master after many pimps in the community found the term “agent” to be highly insulting.

“I been called lots o’ thangs,” says Silky “Smooth Move” McSilk. “But I sure never be no damn agent.”
So you think Coach Saban is making things right, helping out the community by serving as Grand Master?

    “You betcha!” It appears to be a leggy Alabama fan dressed in a Sarah-Palin-As-a-Ho outfit. “Coach knows we need to preserve some Dixieland and this here ball is real fun… and pretty mavericky.”

Will your ride be pimped when you arrive at the Ball, Mr. Saban?

    “Yes, the vehicle I’ll be chartering will be a pimped stretch loaded with Dom, and a bevy of bitchin’ hoes,” says Saban. “Making it real.”

    Will some of your players be in the limo with you?

    “You know…  I’ll get back to you on that. Love to have ‘em but I’ll need to check  regulations. If they were to be in my ride, they wouldn’t be setting right next to me. There’d be a gaybuffer space. Maybe a ho or two.”

    How about furs? Will you be wearing a fur? How about your players? When they come to the ball, will they have full length minks?

    “Ahhhh, y’know, it’s really warm in Alabama. I’m not sure…”
How about a cane? Will you allow your players to have gold tipped canes?

    “Awww don’t know. I’m not really familiaaaaar with …”
What if some people came here dressed as agents, like that Ari Gold character on television?


Saban's Pimp And Ho Presser a Hoot  by Stan Silliman humor sports comedy cartoons articles

    “No! No agents will be permitted to attend the Pimp and Ho Ball this year. We’re trying to keep a minimal standard. No agents allowed. Just hard working hoes and their pimps… and, of course, hard working professionals dressed up as hoes and pimps.”

    Will there be a heel height limit this year? Last year some of the heels broke and goldfish went swimming on the dance floor.
“I believe no heels can be over 8” tall,” says Saban.  “I’ll have to check with the compliance department.”

    How about booty-pad panties? Will booty-pad panties be allowed at the ball this year?
“I’m not sure…  I don’t… what the heck are booty-pad panties?”

    You know, Sir, enhancement panties… making the booty all-it-can-be… and more. It’s almost like a steroid issue, Sir. Some of the gals are boosting their butts.

    “It’s a freaking costume party! People can wear whatever they want. I’m not the coach of the party! I’m just a grand master. I’m a figurehead! I’m trying to help! Don’t make me sorry I left my $ 10 million dollar house to help fund Dixieland!! What’s a Dixieland, anyway? Sheesh.”


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