Friday Humor Devotional

Dear Lord, please remind my helpful but absentminded husband that he must first boil the 8-dozen eggs before dyeing and hiding them for the church’s Easter Egg Hunt, Amen.

This Friday Humor Devotional was sponsored by the Supporters of the Abandoned Black Jelly Bean Foundation. Please remember for each Black Jelly Bean you neglect it becomes someone else’s responsibility to find a loving family who will gladly eat them without a second thought. Thank you.



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9 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

    1. Yes Jack and if you dye them black we could tell them they are black jelly beans on steroids.

  1. Black Jelly beans are the darkest of the jelly bean’s and I’m not just talking about color. They have their own dark sub-culture going on but I can’t say any more about that for fear of more reprisals!

    1. I totally understand Bill. I’ll gladly add your name to the Abandoned Black Jelly Bean Foundation Witness Protection Program. Shhhhh, your secrets are safe with me.

    1. Will do Mike! Your name will be added to the Licorice Lover’s Association, a subsidiary of the Abandoned Black Jelly Bean Foundation!

  2. I will gladly take any unwanted black jelly beans. They’re my favorites. Does that make me weird?

    1. I will add your name to the Abandoned Black Jelly Bean Foundation’s waiting list and yes Kathy it makes us both weird and wonderful!!

      1. It’s like … they get black coloring all over your hands and your mouth and your teeth, and they taste so good. It’s a fun second childhood thing.

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