Friday Humor Devotional

Dear Lord, please give me the strength and the talent to act surprised when my husband and kids bring me breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day with a menu of extra cheese omelet, strawberry yogurt milkshake and fresh coffee with real cream. The fact that I’m lactose intolerant is irrelevant to me, but afterwards, they’ve planned a 2-hour road trip to the beach. No need to stop for gas on this outing, Amen.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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8 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

    1. I’m worried about the dinner they have planned. I’ve heard it’s some Mexican dish with re-fried beans or garlic related, whew! Either way Donna, I’m S.O.L lol!

    1. Sadly, I must agree Mario, but like I told Bill Y making them feel horribly guilty for such a lousy gift idea is priceless!!

  1. I just had one of those “Ah it can’t be Mother’s Day again because I don’t get paid until next week” moments and then I realized that Mother’s Day is in March in Ireland but for a moment there, you had me massively worried!

    I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t leave this exact comment on Theresa’s post but if the two pair of panties in Mario’s laundry fit!

    1. That’s okay Bill, Mother’s Day is so overrated. However getting expensive gifts it awesome. Making your family feel horribly guilty if they’ve forgotten to get you really cool gifts is priceless!

    1. No, but I did blame the dog for the horrible smell on the ride to the beach. 😉

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