Friday Humor Devotional


Dear Lord, please forgive me for confusing our new snobby Manhattan neighbors. When I told them I was excited about Shark Week, her response was and I quote, “I find that very hard to believe Deborah. Our lawyers never mentioned they had a week?”

To which I replied, “Okay . . . oh, and by the way my husband says you’re welcome for not thanking him after he removed the dead possum from your well-manicured lawn, Amen.”

P.s. The welcome to the neighborhood meatloaf we brought over last night was not ground steak.


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6 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

    1. Excellent idea Mario! I would humbly add a Redneck to the Avant-Garde Performance Art by adding a big wad of chewing tobacco strategically placed by it’s gnawed head.

  1. Ah Deborah, I’m just happy that the Devotional is here. It doesn’t really matter what it says, its mere presence is enough to correct the wrongs of the world. There was a time on Friday when I was convinced that it wasn’t going to happen and to say I was scared is pretty much an under statement. I was terrified and sweating and shaking but that’s what happens when I don’t drink. I think it’s a timing issue. The time on your side of the pond is obviously different to the time over here and although I’m fairly close to figuring out a universal clock where it will always be time for me to sleep, we’re not quite there at the moment so I guess I’m at the mercy of the clocks. It won’t always be this way but we soldier on.

    1. Well said Bill and I promise to never to neglect those who need the cynical salvation of my Friday Devotional, Amen.

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