Get A Taste Of The Dark Side

Many moons ago, I wanted to work for a certain company that encouraged creativity and imagination. I was just out of college and had little work experience. I knew three other people who were interviewing for the same position and they were pretty smart, unbearded guys and girls. When I went into the intimidating room to meet the interviewers, I was relaxed but also aware that one guy looked like Scurvy Jane, mid exfoliation. I shook hands with four impeccably suited individuals and was invited to sit down. After the brief introductions, I put my hand into my suit pocket and flung a picture on the table. They asked what the picture was and I told them that it was a picture of my kitchen sink and that I was prepared to totally throw the kitchen sink at them during the interview. This raised a couple of half smiles and I was asked if I had rehearsed what I had just done. I told them that I very much rehearsed it but in rehearsals, I was dressed as Clint Eastwood, complete with cowboy hat and cigar. I realized there and then that I wasn’t going to get the job so I just spoke about Star Wars for the rest of the interview. Each night since then, I have had a nightmare about Star Wars. These nightmares started long before Disney bought the Star Wars franchise and yet I have had this fear for the last 23 years:


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8 thoughts on “Get A Taste Of The Dark Side”

  1. Not your fault for not getting the gig, Bill. Many people have an acute fear of germs and an obsession with repeatedly washing their hands. I am sure the sink picture must have set one or more of them off. You had no way of knowing and for them to take out their psychosis (I mean the plural of psychosis but I’m not going to bother to look it up)on you is just unfair.

    1. I wanted that gig more than I wanted more beer. It’s like the time I walked in on my parents and they were discussing sects. Those cults have a lot to answer for and my friend Tommy Cruise will testify to that. You were saying something about psychosis?

    1. Well thank you for noticing. Sometimes but not now, those tags contain clues to the reason why I hate Bon Jovi but don’t tell Don Dons that!

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