Goodwill Clothing Might be Possessed

By: Daniel Oines

Evangelist Pat Robertson says that if you buy clothes at a goodwill store, you need to pray over them in case the clothes were possessed  by demons—yep, demons. The possibility of possessed clothing leads me to ask several questions:

How evil can demons be if they donate their clothes to Goodwill?  Have we misjudged them?

How low on the evil totem pole of power is a demon who only has Goodwill clothes as a temptation to snatch our souls? Where are the cars, jewelry and mansions that the old demons doled out?  Has the bad economy hit the underworld too?

Is the demon possession of clothes a common occurrence? And if clothes can be possessed, how do we know which clothes are the products of demons?  Is it only used clothing or does possession explain the existence of Pajama Jeans and Spanx too?

Will praying over the clothes remove the demons or do I need to buy a special detergent?

And finally,

If Pat Robertson donates his clothes to Goodwill, should we all worry?

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8 thoughts on “Goodwill Clothing Might be Possessed”

  1. Forget washing the clothes I say pre-soak, bleach and tumble dry Pat Robertson. He’s got bat-shit-crazy-stains all over him!!

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