Greed breeds confusion

Greed is a good thing but when does a good thing become an ungood thing? I’m sorry but outside the world of Orwell, I don’t think “ungood’ is a real word. Either way, I don’t know the answer so that’s that. Talking about not knowing things, Rajo Verma is right up there with people who don’t know stuff as Emily Nash exclusively explains:


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8 thoughts on “Greed breeds confusion”

  1. Some women don’t even have one man, and she hogs FIVE of them?

    I’d like to know what she’s got that the rest of us don’t have, so I can go out and get some.

  2. She could spend the rest of her life saving up enough rupees to have a blood test for each brother that could giver an answer just before she dies. But why take the mystery out of her life?

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