Gym Jagoffs! Yep, That’s a Pube!

So at the gym workin’ out.  Time to shower and get to a few cold beers and stuffin’ my face with a salad topped with bleu cheese dressing!  When I get to the shower, I see the what you see in the photo above.  Yep, you got it!  Its curly black hairs on the top of the squirty soap!!!  SQUIRTY SOAP!!!

(Is there pukey stuff in the back of your throat right now?)


Squirty soap was the best invention EVER cuz it meant, from that point on, you NEVER AGAIN, had to pick up bar soap with two fingers cuz there was dried short-hairs pressed into it!  I’m actually gagging as …(hold on a minute while I choke a lump back)… anyway, I am gagging as I write this and look at that picture.

So, for the boyz at the gym who DON’T shave all their hair off –  I realize that SOME urinals at the gym are so hairy that they need a shave worse than me but, WITH THE SQUIRTY SOAP, how about THIS unique concept……CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES, YA JAGOFFS!!!

(NOTE: We do not TYPICALLY take photos in the gym shower area but I did feel a little CREEPY doin’ this!!!!!!)

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