Happy National Engineers Week!

By: UC Davis College of Engineering

It’s National Engineers Week!  And not the choo choo kind – I don’t think. So, I think I will send a pseudo personal greeting card to my computer engineer husband and all the other engineers out there to show my appreciation for their never-ending ingenuity that keeps our high-tech world buzzing:

E is for Every day having to listen to people complain how technology is the bane of human existence while at the same time bemoan the fact that their smart phones still do not have the capability to beam them wherever they want to go.


N is for being a Nerd.  Nerd is the new sexy. Nothing says “great mate” like a man who can fix a computer bug in 15 minutes flat without the need for technical support.


G can be for Geek, but that would be redundant with Nerd so we will say it’s for for Great intellect.  Muscles come and go, but intellect holds conversations and finds true solutions to problems and this is what makes both computers and relationships work.  And once again, it is the brain that women consider the sexiest organ.


I is for imagination.  When I say, “Do you know what I would like in the house…”  my engineer husband says, “Let me go to my shop and see if I can make that.” Sometimes he can’t make what I want, but he still comes up with something else that I didn’t even know I wanted. Well, it’s the thought that counts.


N is for your philosophy that says “Never call a repairman until I have had a chance to try the fix it on my own.”  While this is an admirable trait, I have learned through the years the reasons why there are professional repairmen and I hope someone has given them a week of their own. They do deserve it!


E is for Energy and your commitment to constantly strive to save whatever energy you can which means we wear sweatshirts in the winter and learn to like the house “cool”. It is funny how this commitment to energy is forgotten when I ask to put my cold feet under your legs to warm them up in the middle of the night. Suddenly, conservation is not that important.


E is for Esoteric and that wonderful Engineer language you speak with your engineer friends that makes no sense to me and forces me to pretend to be interested in what you do  when in fact, my mind is figuring out a way to politely stifle a yawn.


R is for Research.  How you engineers love to research – anything from light bulbs to cars. For the record, I like reconnaissance shopping just as much as the next girl, but sometimes, I just want to buy.  Can buying become part of the engineers’ code?  Yea, I didn’t think so.


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9 thoughts on “Happy National Engineers Week!”

  1. Hooray for Engineers! Without them there would be no color-coded computer cords for engineering idiots like me! To Ed Cavanagh and all engineers I bow to your inquisitive minds and talent! Nothin’ but respect!

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