Happy Thanksgiving From Betsy, Donna and Ed!!


We know you are busy with family meals

Turkey, stuffing and Black Friday Deals

We understand chaos will soon ensue

Shopping, eating and baking too

But before the season gets out of hand

We want to make sure you understand

Our gratitude for all who write and read

And visit HumorOutcasts daily feed

For without your support and creative mind

We would be a site of the most boring kind

So to your friends, family or lifelong mates

Happy Thanksgiving even if you’re not in the United States

The sentiment is the same no matter where you live

Thank you for the laughter and joy you give

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4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From Betsy, Donna and Ed!!”

  1. Thanks to you Donna, Betsy and Ed for giving us a fabulous place to express our humorous selves and a huge thank you for all of your hard work year round! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. And thank you for encouraging us to do our best to bring joy and laughter!

    You are the BEST.

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