Haven’t You Ever Wondered —

Question Mark Dice1. Why does Santa Claus use reindeer to pull his sleigh? Why doesn’t he use dogs, like everyone else up north?

2. Why does Princess Leia wear those dumb braids that make her look like she has two big cinnamon rolls stuck to her head? Why doesn’t she just get a pixie cut?

3. Why does James Bond never get any older, while Q ages normally?

4. Why can people both admit to committing crimes and be admitted to college?

5. Who was the first person who thought of drinking the leftover water after boiling coffee beans?

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2 thoughts on “Haven’t You Ever Wondered —”

  1. Princess Leia wears her hair like that because she knows I like it like that. Jill Y sometimes does it but not often enough as far as I’m concerned!

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