Heads Up at O’Hare

Officals at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport  stopped a shipment of human heads. Apparently, the 18 heads, minus their bodies, had traveled to Italy as part of a medical research program and were returning to Chicago for cremation when they were discovered during a routine X-ray screening.  Disappointed by the delay, the unique passengers remained calm and remarked, “Airline travel isn’t what it used to be. The cavity search before boarding was a bit of a headache but we have no complaints about the leg room.”

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13 thoughts on “Heads Up at O’Hare”

    1. No shoes, but being stuffed in a box with 17 other travelers must be quite a headache.

  1. The flight attendants must have been really pissed when they needed to do a final boarding head count! 😉

  2. That flight only matched by the ultra-conservative asses that are being flown home from Washington after meeting with (and lambasting) Biden on proposed gun control.

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