Help Authors Frankie and LuLu Be the New Face for DogTV

Last year, I wrote this piece on the upcoming DogTV Channel on DirecTV.  Since then, my dogs have published their first book A Canine’s Guide to the Good Life and have become well known in the canine community doing appearances and living the celebrity lifestyle.   Recently, Nancy Berk ran across this article in USA Today by @LauraPetrecca   and Rebecca Castagna  entitled Bow Wow! A New TV Channel Just for Dogs highlighting the new DogTV channel, and we think that Frankie and LuLu, who are already recognized as doggie self-help experts should be the spokesdogs or poster pooches for the new channel.  Personally, I think they could be the new Canine Oprahs or at least host a canine version of   “The View” without being catty–so to speak!  Let’s start a social media campaign for Frankie and LuLu and get them in front of DirecTV’s Top Dogs so they can see the influence that Frankie and LuLu have had on the canine and human world since the release of their book.  Follow them on Twitter  @DirecTV  and on Facebook.  Sure, they are not pedigrees, designer dogs or purse-riding pooches, but it’s time to unleash the marvelous mutts and let them rule the runway or in this case, the dog runs.  We can even include their video for their book.   Let’s take them to the top!

canine cover amazonfrankie and lulu looking at book

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