History Made Better With Texting

By: Oregon Department of Transportation

There is a commercial (Geico Insurance) that shows a very happy Paul Revere playing charades with friends. The reason why Revere is so happy?  He has a cell phone which means he can call to warn Boston the British are coming instead of making that arduous and dangerous ride on horseback.

Imagine if this was true and Revere and other historical figures had cell phone technology?  Imagine if we had the ability to text throughout history?   Here are some of my top contenders for “History Made Better with Texting.”


Eve to Adam: I found this great tree. The fruit looks yummy!


Eve: Don’t Yell at me! I get it! No apple! BTW, I’m tired of you. I want a divorce. 🙁

By: Ian Burt

Jesus: Mom, I’m got lost in the temple, but doing a freebie talk to these rabbis.  Can you and Dad pick me up. I’m hungry.  What’s for dinner?

Brutus to Caesar: Some of the guys are really concerned about  you and are planning an intervention.  I am going to pretend to be in on it, but I’m really with you.  Oh, by the way,  Beware the Ides of March.

Christopher Columbus to Queen Isabella :  I got good news and bad news. Good news is we found new lands; the bad news is we got lost  and I’m nowhere near where I thought I’d be.  Have lots of souvenirs though.  Oh, the Vikings might have been here  already. Destroying all evidence.

Castle owner during the Dark Ages:  Party is cancelled. Don’t come over. We have a nasty flu that seems to be really contagious. Worry wart Doctor said it could be a plague.  ROFL.

Michelangelo to  his wife: I’m not kidding. The pope  made me paint the ceiling. It took forever. I am NOT cheating!!  Go take a look!

By: Randy OHC

Leader of The Donner  Party  to friends  in California:  Hey, did you guys hear about a blizzard coming  our way?  Not sure if we should bring extra provisions.  When my family gets  hungry, they can eat a horse… or people  LOL

Custer to President Grant: Sitting Bull is here. He doesn’t look so tough. No Big Deal. TTYL ! 🙂

Titanic:  Hey, Carpathia, is that you? It’s Titanic. Looks like clear sailing… uh oh… Do you have  extra room? See you SOON!





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  1. If texting was around when Blackbeard’s treasure was been hunted, it could have been found so much quicker- directions by sms would really have worked for those dudes!

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