I Can Stop Whenever I Want . . . Oh wait I’ve gotta Like the Dancing Hamster!

Katie Couric was interviewing a female guest who admitted being addicted to the internet. She said she was on Facebook for more than 10-hours a day. The interview lasted 15-minutes but I miss the last 5-minutes because I had to, Like my friends dancing hamster,  pin 40 new pins on Pinterest, RT 100 posts on Twitter and post this to HumorOutcasts.

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8 thoughts on “I Can Stop Whenever I Want . . . Oh wait I’ve gotta Like the Dancing Hamster!”

  1. My friends are Facebook hounds, email essayists and science website devotees.

    I spend just enough time on Facebook to let everyone know I still exist and keep track of what is happening with people. I check my emails a few times a day, and try to answer the ones from my best friends quickly. Pinterest can be addictive, but I don’t spend time on it every day.

    I prefer to fritter away my Internet time on free brain games, creative writing websites (including online fiction or humor writing classes) and funny websites.

    I also spend a lot of computer time writing, of course.

    This causes some of my friends to get hurt and/or annoyed when they and I are not on the same page (pun intended), especially if I have been spending my time on free brain games instead of something more important. I plead guilty, and will take my lumps.

    1. Thank you Kathy for your well written editorial that only proves that we need a break from the internet. Have a great (outdoor) weekend 😉

    1. Yes Bill I blame my parents for giving me the genes to produce these mad internet skills.

    1. Reading books is one of my favorite thing to do but I have to order them from the internet. It’s a vicious cycle Mario, lol.

    1. LB, I never turn my computer off for fear of missing that dancing hamster with the goats who scream like people!

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