I don’t think honesty is a weakness.

When telling the truth, it’s important to be honest. Koalemos, the Greek god of stupidity and foolishness, probably never said those words but he definitely, probably said other words. Those of us who worship at the altar of the stupid and foolish are scared of things like sense, logic and weather forecasts. So you find yourself at a job interview and decide to employ honesty as your preferred method of policy. You go in with the best intentions and because of this, you can’t be beaten:


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8 thoughts on “I don’t think honesty is a weakness.”

    1. Me too. I think you’re supposed to say something like, “My greatest weakness is that I work too hard.”

      What are you supposed to say, anyway? “I have to snort cocaine every day at lunch or I’ll fall asleep at my desk” probably isn’t the right answer.

      1. Maybe you could say something like “My greatest weakness is that I eat oranges all day” and they would say “I don’t think that’s a weakness” and then you say “Yeah but I inject vodka into them”!

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