I Love Hair, Down There.

Razors are damned cool. I spend a lot of time with mine, because I am one seriously hairy bastard.

I keep my facial hair trimmed to a very respectable 2.5 on my Philips Digital, and I make sure that my neck gets a wet one at least every other day.

bikini pubesHowever, as attentive as I am to my own grooming up here, I don’t tend to concern myself too much with what’s going on down there. I mean, sure, I don’t want it looking like Snoop Dogg’s nephew after a fight with a can of hairspray, but I don’t lose sleep if I get out of whack on my trimming schedule. And, what kind of man would I be, if I held chicks to account on theirs? Weirdly, all but one of the sexual partners I have ever had have all been into keeping that thing looking like an Alopecia sufferer’s eye, but I don’t think I’d get too bent out of shape if I were to drop down and give her 40 reps of the good ol’ fashioned fresh Taco-taste, only to find it had become Sideshow Bob’s younger sister. Surprisingly, some of us apparently think Remington have no business going anywhere near our “business.” In fact, there’s an 11% chance that the next person you spit some orgasmic yelps over will LOVE your gigantic untrimmed forest.

This sex survey by a Vermont based independent newspaper called “Seven Days”, claims 9% of people say they LOVE it when they’re getting-it-on with someone who’s untrimmed.

Don’t chuck away your “Venus” just yet though ladies. Sadly, 13% of idiots say they prefer the opposite: a freshly concreted runway with grass that’s been killed so bad, it’s receded back into the ground.

50% say they enjoy a bit of bush, that’s trimmed and neat. I think I’m more like the 25%. They say they really don’t have a preference. Damn straight. If someone is fond enough of you to bring you a lovingly baked salmon cake, are you truly going to refuse to eat it just because you didn’t like the amount of lettuce sprig garnishing that accompanied it?

Source: Seven Days Vermont


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