“I see Dead People” Brain-dead people that is

Extremism of any stripe is always profoundly ignorant and detached from reality.  Feeling passionate about an issue always needs to be accompanied with arguments that people can identify with and that have plausibility.   But don’t inform Texas politicians about this.  They’ll have you skinned and boned for such heresy.

Zealots who oppose any and every kind of gun control legislation have demonstrated just how far they are willing to take their fanaticism in recent months. Abortion opponents have also gone to extreme measures to prevent any woman from ending an unwanted pregnancy.  So it comes as no surprise that this duel fanaticism would show up in a political campaign and no-less than a bumper sticker slogan.

campaign bumper sticker

Steve Stockman is running for re-election in a the new 36th Texas congressional district that was formed by the GOP after winning majorities in the House back in 2010.  Apparently Stockman is out to take the crown away from Louie Gohmert for most bat-shit crazy congress creature in Texas.   Gohmert‘s 1st district was also part of the GOP gerrymandering that allowed him to defeat the Democrat incumbent.

If Stockman’s bumper sticker isn’t evidence enough of poor mental sate then perhaps this tweet of his that expresses a convoluted thought about women and gun threats.

Screen shot 2013-04-14 at 11.45.04 AM

Just picture any infant in their crib playing with Glock 9mm loaded with a 20-round magazine.  Picture this insanity too.  A full term fetus with a gun is expected to do what with it to avoid his or her abortion?  You’d think the absurdity to such an impossibility woudln’t need a clarification but “stupid” is starting to reach epidemic levels here in the Lone Star State

If fetuses were even capable of understanding that their prospects for a bright future are severely limited with such people as Stockman and Gohmert in positions of political leadership, they would probably pull the plug themselves.

steve-stockman gohmert

Steve Stockman and Louie Gohmert: Two of the reasons why Texas is winning the race to the bottom and making Mississippi look look like a Liberal’s haven

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5 thoughts on ““I see Dead People” Brain-dead people that is”

  1. One day a doctor will be in the process of performing an abortion, when a .357 Magnum will come out of the womb and you’ll hear a tiny, raspy voice say: “Go ahead, doc. Make my day.”

  2. I’m not quite sure which is more off the wall and not in a good way, the slogan or the tweet. If I was a gun- wielding Texas baby, I’d write a better slogan and tweet than those!

  3. This isn’t just stupidity, it’s stupidity squared!

    If you can’t present logical arguments for whatever position you are taking, you should shut up and let the smart people talk.

  4. I don’t care what side of the pro-life, pro-choice movement one falls on, this is a horrible bumper sticker and an equally stupid tweet. How do these idiots get elected?

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