If Only They Could Use Their Knowledge for Good

screwdriverscrewdriver1If it looks like a gun and holds cartridges like a gun and shoots like a gun, it must be a gun–right? Well, not so fast.  While shopping for the Hubby’s Christmas presents which always involves some type of tool, I came across this gem.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK6yM8gBTnY If you look at the video and photos, you will see how it resembles a semi-automatic handgun (or whatever the term is), but it’s not. It’s a screwdriver!  It’s a tool whose only goal is to build things!  I think we should send this ad to every gun manufacturer out there in hopes that they might say, “We can use our knowledge for good! Who needs weapons to shoot people down when we can build tools to screw them up?”  Hm. Well, you get the meaning.

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13 thoughts on “If Only They Could Use Their Knowledge for Good”

  1. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real gun or not. We just stand in the mirror pretending to be Han Solo anyway. Actually, it might just be me that does that!

  2. “Hands in the air . . . this is a, eh, screw up!” Yep, that about says it all, LOL!! Nice one Donna!!

  3. This sounds like something McGyver could use. If you don’t have a gun to shoot back at the bad guy, just shoot him with screws!

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