Is anyone in the market for a bike?

Listen to me now as I share these words. Bill Y is not a proud man. I’ve seen and done some things that cannot be spoken of. I’ve partied with people who know of people who live near people who have tattoos in places that only surgeons see. My list of accomplishments is as long as a unicorn’s string of disappointments. When people foolishly ask me to do them a favor, I usually oblige because one of these days, I have to do something right and it could happen any year now.  Sugartastic Daddy John’s neighbor, “Unsure” John wanted to sell his bike but was unsure about how to go about it. He asked for my help and true to form, it wasn’t long before I made him regret it:


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12 thoughts on “Is anyone in the market for a bike?”

    1. Well if Don Don;s ever wants to make the readership smaller, I’m definitely the man for the job! LOL

    1. I have to admit that I sometimes astonish myself too! Just when I think I can;’t get any worse, I only go and get worse!

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