Is the Anti-Christ Hiding in Plain Sight?

I’ve learned a bit of stuff about the Anti-Christ recently, and the way I understand it, this Anti-Christ will be a really popular figure before he ends up going all Anti-Christ-y on us. So, someone really popular is going to be the Anti-Christ. Which is how you know he’s the Anti-Christ. Unless it’s just a really popular figure who isn’t the Anti-Christ. So we better get this right.

Many people have guessed as to the identity of the Anti-Christ, but none of them seem to be using sound scientific methods. That’s where I come in. I figure that, in the end, Twitter is going to do him in. We’ll be able to easily monitor the Anti-Christ by keeping track of who is popular on Twitter.

With that in mind, the top candidates for being the Anti-Christ are, in reverse order:

5. Barack Obama – Naw, but he is following 666K people. Hmmm.
4. Rihanna – If so, Chris Brown would’ve died in a tragic “accident” already
3. Katy Perry – Too obvious
2. Lady Gaga – Way too obvious
1. Justin Bieber – Perfect cover. It’s always the one you don’t expect.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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