Jimmy “Treehouse” Carpenter, The Beatles and The Stones

When I was supposed to be growing up, my best friend Jimmy “Treehouse” Carpenter had an amazing treehouse. Each day after school, we would go up in his treehouse and plot the downfall of the Bon Jovi’s of the future. His mom was a Yodeller from Switzerland and my mom played with my dad’s organ so there was music in both of our families. One day we had the mother and father of all arguments when he said The Beatles were better than The Stones. We had a big falling out which ended with him accidentally falling out of the treehouse. There was only one thing to do in this situation so I situated myself perfectly and done what had to be done:


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4 thoughts on “Jimmy “Treehouse” Carpenter, The Beatles and The Stones”

  1. And here I have been thinking all this time, “whatever would a family have a need for a bazooka/grenade launcher for?”

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