Just when you thought Bill Y couldn’t make the world any better…

I’ve looked long and I’ve looked hard and it seems like there is no part of society that I have not improved. I’ve helped massively confused fools, Swedish women, Nuns, Danish women, Ewoks, Norwegian women, fans of the original Star Wars films and Finnish women. This left me tired and I was just about to sleep but before I do, I suppose I can help the hipsters too:


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14 thoughts on “Just when you thought Bill Y couldn’t make the world any better…”

    1. 8-track is soooooo old skool and if you start a FB page to bring it back, I’ll be the first one to jump on board!

  1. There you all go again praising Bill Y, but I ask you this Mr. Y? What about we technically challenged people still trying to figure out beta max. Nice one Bill you get my vote.

    1. Now it”s not just Deb who rightly praises the Y. In my own head, I’ve an international following of between 2 – 4 people who appreciate whatever it is, I do! The beta max thing, I will get around to sorting out but I think we have to bring back the 8=track first!

  2. Bill, you deserve an award. In one post, you have resurrected a bygone technology and provided inspiration for poor, floundering film students.

    And somebody provided employment for that poor guy in the picture, who looks like he can use it.

    1. I totally agree with you about the award but the problem is finding a category. Should I win “most improved moron”, “least likely to walk and talk at the same time” or “most likely to understand the difference between a cow and a bike”?

      1. I think “Most Likely to Cause Ripples of Uncontrolled Laughter on an Internet Humor Site” would be a good category for you.

        1. I would accept that award, humbly but happily and my acceptance speech would go something like: “Thank you so much, I’d not like to thank Bon Jovi…”

    1. Have you tried getting a bigger car stereo? And there I go again, improving everyday life!

    2. Thomas, I think they fit the eight track player, but there again I’m not good at technical stuff

      1. Peter is right and massively wrong on this Tom. Make sure you get a bigger car stereo first. Then get one that’s eight times bigger and before you know it, the eight-tracks will fit like a glove ironing board cover!

  3. I am speechless at the humanitarian effort here! Imagine bringing VHS tapes to the masses who thought they were gone forever! You are allowing the technologically deprived to live again! You, sir, are a saint!

    1. I’m so glad you recognized this Don Don’s, Beneath the underbelly where I exist on the leftovers of leftovers, I’m known as “The Patron Saint of Mockers” . True story that!

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