Kathy’s Points to Remember

You’re only as fat as you feel, and I feel like having more ice cream. It’s hot outside, and the body needs to be cooled, preferably with something that tastes good.

Pizza contains protein and vegetables and ice cream contains calcium; therefore, any calories that are in them don’t count. The same goes for just about any other food you can think of.

If you set your bathroom scale back far enough, you will always be right at the weight you want to be. Good luck if it is a digital scale that always tells you the truth. In that case, you’re on your own.

If you look at yourself in a long, full-length mirror, and never turn sideways, you will look thinner to yourself than you really are.

If you cover up the fat with loose clothes, nobody will see it and you can pretend it isn’t there.

That means that (among other reasons, such as modesty) it’s best not to dress like this where anyone can see you:

From "People of Walmart" website.
From “People of Walmart” website.
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7 thoughts on “Kathy’s Points to Remember”

    1. Thank you. I will now raid my freezer and delve into that pint of sorbet. 😀

  1. Well, Thomas and Mario, I have had a lot of experience being fat, and by now I have figured out every possible means of keeping myself in a permanent state of blissful denial.

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