Kathy’s Points to Remember

This is not a cute kitty.
This is not a cute kitty.
1. Don’t let your cat get into a relationship with a skunk. A skunk can be a real stinker.

2. Hummus has garlic in it. Remember that the next time you are having lunch in a health food restaurant with the person of your dreams.

3. If you think you can write, you are probably right. If you are not right, don’t write.

No, I can't play this,either.
No, I can’t play this,either.
4. If you are tone-deaf, music is not the best thing to choose as a major in college.

5. “If you can speak, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance.” Just make sure you won’t look like a real idiot before you try either of those in front of people.

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5 thoughts on “Kathy’s Points to Remember”

  1. Little nuggets of wisdom as usual. I thought I could write and then the thoughts got the best of me and now the thoughts have me held captive in a place that looks like nowhere.

    1. Orbit gum works wonders, too. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a turn-off in a romantic moment.

  2. To some, garlic can be an aphrodisiac. If two people accept this then they are truly made for each other.

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