Kathy’s Points to Remember: Cats and Christmas

Any and all Christmas decorations may be turned into cat toys, at the discretion of the cat. WARNING: This includes Nativity figurines. The cat doesn’t know that knocking the Holy Family to the floor is considered disrespectful in some religious circles.

In addition, the cat must be presented with at least one decent Christmas present from every human member of the household. If it can’t be played with or eaten, it is not a decent gift. No exceptions.

At least one of the above-mentioned gifts must contain a sufficient amount of fresh catnip to give a decent high.

I know she hid my present in here.  I can smell it.
I know she hid my present in here. I can smell it.

The cat might try to climb the Christmas tree if she takes a notion to do so, and she will never accept the blame if it falls over.

Christmas wrapping paper makes a lovely cat bed, especially when the human is trying to use it to wrap gifts.

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10 thoughts on “Kathy’s Points to Remember: Cats and Christmas”

  1. Our cat knows we love to decorate the tree, so we get to do it over and over again . . . every morning.

  2. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but Sugartastic Daddy John can lay his hands on 72 cats, no questions asked and no money needs to pass hands. Let me know if you if you know anyone who is in the market.

    1. Hehe!

      Sorry, but my cat likes being an only cat. The sudden introduction of 72 brothers and sisters would greatly annoy her.

      And I got her at the New York branch of the ASPCA, where they asked me a lot of questions before they let me take her home! 😀

    1. I have had to put my Nativity set up on one of my highest bookcases — the one that has no other furniture around it that Harmony can use as a springboard.

    1. And we love them anyway! Hehe!

      They are also very funny, which makes them great subjects for humor writing. 😉

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