McDonald’s Is Getting Wings

McDonalds Logo

McDonald’s is launching its newest menu item, Mighty Wings, on September 9th. They see their new chicken product as a threat to such competitors as Wendy’s and Burger King because their McWings are bone-in chicken. I say they should prepare for the McLawsuits from all of the McChoking.

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3 thoughts on “McDonald’s Is Getting Wings”

  1. Most people have probably popped at least one fried chicken nugget in their lives – “nugget” meaning exactly what the term implies: hunk. Nugget of gold. Or in this case, nugget of chicken meat encased in golden batter. You’re very conscious of the fact that the six bites in that yellow paper container have gone through a grueling regime to become “nuggets.” Even so, when you’re in a long, snaking line at Wendy’s or McD’s and time is of the essence, nuggets are a convenient, satisfying lunch or snack choice.

  2. If billions and billions have been served as claimed in their big red and yellow sign, does this mean they already have a large legal team?

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