‘Morning-after’ wedding photos are the latest trend. ‘Divorce proceeding’ photos to follow.

For those who are cheerleaders for tact, you’re gonna wanna torch your pompoms with this news.

Apparently, the latest trend in wedding photography is “morning-after” photos, with pictures of couples draped in rumpled sheets and unmade beds. Forget table settings and Grandma accidentally catching the garter belt. What people really want to see commemorated from a wedding is the hard-core sex from the wedding night!

I can’t tell whether society has become this voyeuristic or whether it’s become this narcissistic. Is there a desire to see these photos? Is it really necessary to share this intimate moment with the world? I can just imagine a mother looking at the photos on Facebook, seeing discarded garments and underwear on the honeymoon suite floor, and wiping away a proud tear.

The funny thing is, when I’m at weddings, thinking of the bride and groom having sex is usually the one thing I am desperately trying not to think of, probably because in a way—and especially for the older relatives and uptight individuals at these gatherings—weddings are a celebration of sex being socially acceptable. These two can officially do it. If they were living in sin before, it’s OK now because they’re married. Phew.

If pervs people get their jollies from naughty wedding photos, why can’t they just be more observant of their surroundings? For instance, take a look at this wedding photo:

Wedding table

It was taken because it looks like a wang. You’re welcome.

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10 thoughts on “‘Morning-after’ wedding photos are the latest trend. ‘Divorce proceeding’ photos to follow.”

  1. I have three reactions to all this:

    (1) BLEAH!

    (2) EEYYEEWW!


  2. Everybody who’s anybody now has to have a sex tape on the Internet, or so it seems! Might as well take it before you start gaining weight after the wedding.

  3. I second the “ew” reaction. But then again, I didnt grow up in the world of self-made sex tapes and instagram overexposure.

  4. For real? I am still not okay with the cake that announces the sex of a baby to be. I find that somewhat annoying. Must we know everything all the time? But I can find the cute in that. I cannot find the cute in this.

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