The other day in Fred Meyers I noticed that the employees were all wearing company-issued tee shirts. The shirts were neon-green with a small Fred Meyers logo on the front. On the backside, printed in huge block letters, was the question: HOW DID I DO TODAY?

I guess this is supposed to make customers feel like Fred Meyers is super attuned to their needs and their shopping experience.

Just for fun I’m thinking of printing up my own neon-green tee shirt to wear whenever I go to Fred Meyers. The front will be blank, but in the same block lettering the backside will read: WHO DID I DO TODAY?

But let’s get back to serious, important matters. Imagine this scenario:

President Obama and the Congressional leadership enact a new rule. This rule would let Congress dress as usual right up to the budget deadline. The men wear coats and ties, the woman wear whatever their outfits are called (not fair, so many more options!). But, if they blow the deadline everyone in Congress and the White House has to change into neon-green tee shirts that say HOW DID I DO TODAY? And they have to wear them 24/7, regardless of where they are. Once a budget gets passed, everyone gets to switch back to normal attire.

Just picture Obama addressing the UN in a tee shirt that makes him look like a traffic cone! Or Mitch McConnell, standing before an enraged Town Hall crowd and looking like one of those SLOW! CHILDREN PRESENT! traffic-slowing mannequins?

That, my friends, would be truly motivating. Political consultants have a phrase to describe ideas like this: A Total Winner.


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3 thoughts on “Motivation”

  1. I think the government should start a new agency with you at its helm so you can implement all these great ideas! The country would be in such a better place!

  2. If you really do have that tee shirt made up and wear it to Fred Meyers, I hope you get a video and share it with us.

    As for Congress, I think they are impervious to all kinds of shame.

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