Murder Isn’t Such a Bad Thing…

By: Eric Hunsaker

When the past came back to haunt Millikin University Professor James St. James, many students thought he would lose his job.   The professor, who is head of the psychology department at the college, brutally murdered his parents and sister 46 years ago, and was sentenced to six years in a mental institution because he had a glue sniffing habit that his lawyers said led to his violent actions. After his release, he earned his Ph.D in psychology (yep, think about this guy next time you go to therapy).  Millikin’s colleagues say they are surprised the university didn’t pick up on his past when they hired the professor, but no harm-no foul as they expect that the ex-murderer will be teaching classes this fall.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I think we can take three lessons from this story: 1) if you are a student in his class this fall, I would think twice about bitching about your grades; 2) Leave your Elmer’s Glue back at the dorm and 3) Tenure Rules!

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6 thoughts on “Murder Isn’t Such a Bad Thing…”

  1. I don’t know Don Dons, you say murder isn’t such a bad thing but I have my doubts.

  2. Gee, most of us just complain about our relatives in therapy. This guy took it up a notch or two or three!

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