My Abacus

Apart from the question about being disease free, people tend to ask me how I became so awesome, how much of the lies that I tell are truth and what is my most prized possession apart from my signed, framed picture of Jon Jovi? Interesting questions all. My most prized possession is my abacus. One of these days, technology is going to misbehave to such an extent that nobody is going to be able to calculate my worth in gold. That’s where my abacus will come in. Modern technology as we know or don’t know it, is a miserable accident, waiting to happen. The signs are there for all to see and yet everyone refuses to acknowledge its presence. Allow me to present two electronic devices that are supposed to perform both basic and complex operations of arithmetic. Look closely and see if you can see everything that is wrong with technology. My abacus would never do this:


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10 thoughts on “My Abacus”

  1. So more than one answer may be possible in any arithmetical calculation?

    I wish I had known this when I was in elementary school. I could have challenged all those check marks on my arithmetic papers.

    1. I wouldn’t hear of that at all, at all. The abacus is made of bamboo, beads and little else.

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